Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Skyping Christmas

We have had a great Christmas this year. Addyson, Jimmy, and I have just spent time together and had so much fun. And we are still spending time together till the first of the year. Every year Jimmy's work shuts down till after the new year. I just love it. We are able to do so many things while he is off.

Addyson woke up about 7:30 am on Christmas morning. Before we went and got her out of bed I could hear her over the monitor singing Santa Clause is coming to town! And did I mention that we got a WHITE CHRISTMAS IN TENNESSEE ? When she came out of her room she was so excited to see all of her gifts that Santa had brought her. Before we started opening any gifts we set the computer up on the coffee table to be able to Skype my parents in Alaska. Addyson didn't want to open any of her gifts she just wanted to talk to Nana, Pa, Alex and Chris. Mommy and Daddy opened all of her gifts while she was Skyping! We didn't have to get her any gifts just let her talk to Nana and Pa on Skype. After we got done opening gifts Jimmy cooked us a wonderful breakfast. Later that day we headed over to Jimmy's parents house to celebrate Christmas with them. We ate and ate and ate till we were just miserable! Everything was just amazing.  Even though we have missed my family being her for Christmas this year we have had a great Christmas. So thankful for all of our family and friends that we have spent time with over these past few months. We just love getting together with family and friends. The gifts do not matter at all it is the time we get to spend with them ( and the food !) 

Addyson got a little black eye. She fell down the stairs at her granparents house and hit the gate that keeps the dog from going upstairs. She is getting very clumsy. It is a good thing she is super tough and never cries about getting hurt because I see a whole lot of accidents in her future.

Our White Christmas !!

                                       Her Easel that Santa brought her.
                                   This is her Jessie that she was dying to get.
                              Opening gifts at Nanny and Poppys house.
                 Showing off her boots that Uncle Jeffy and Aunt Cindy got her.
                                             Opening her stocking
              Skyping with Nana,Pa, Alex, and Chrish all the way in Alaska.
                                    Eating Christmas dinner. Yum, yum!
Opening her new camera. She loves taking pictures like mommy.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where have We Been?

It has been super crazy around her. We have been all wrapped up in the holiday festivities that I have not even had a chance to write about what we have been up to. Sunday we got a big suprise of about 3 inches of snow. We were suppose to pick up my brother, Alex, from the airport at 10:30 am. Because of all the bad weather his flight got cancelled and delayed a few times and we ended up not picking him up till about 9:00 pm Sunday night. We were so glad for him to be home. Addyson was so excited for him to be here. She did not want him out of her sight for any amount of time!

This was when Uncle Alex first came in the door. Can you tell that she was excited?
 Addyson and Uncle Alex eating some dinner together.

Eating at Chick-fil-a for the first time in 6 months. He said that if his phone rang while he was eating he would definetley not answer it. He was going to savor every bite of it!

 Here is Addyson with her new friend Reese!
Last week I took Addyson to the mall for the first time in who knows how long. We were only going to go into Macy's but ended up going to a bunch of different places. She was done shopping before I was so I promised her to see Santa and get a cookie. She sat in Santa's lap and instead of getting a cookie we got a Build-a-Bear. She picked Clarice from Rudolph. She is Rudolph's girlfriend. Clarice is known as Reece at our house.We take her EVERYWHERE !! She had a blast picking out clothes for her. We BOTH had such a good time. Can't wait to go back to get Rudolph.

Well hope that it will not be so long before I update on all the fun things that are going on around here.


This week has been long. Monday we got a phone call that they could not wake up my husbands 90 year old Grandfather. He had gone into a comba and passed early Tuesday morning. He was a great man of the Lord. We were sad to see him pass but know that he is home with Jesus. So thankful for all the times we got to spend with him.

                   Look at him looking at her. He sure thought she was something!
                            Addyson moving Papa Robinson's chair up and down.
Addyson with Nanny Robinson