Saturday, March 31, 2012

Better Day...

Yesterday Addyson went to spend the night with her Nanny so mommy and daddy could begin to nurse Korbin back to health and mommy and daddy could get a little bit of sleep. This was only her 2nd time spending the night away from home without mommy and daddy and I will have to say I think she thoroughly enjoyed it. She was the center of attention for about 18 hours it was all about Addyson! Since Korbin has come along the one thing that has been super hard for her is sharing her mommy and daddy and grandparents. This was a much needed "sleepover" with Nanny.

Korbin seems to be feeling a bit better today. He has taken his treatments a whole lot better than I thought he was going to. He has ran a low grade fever all day today and still has quite a bit of congestion. Addy was dying to hold him while he took his treatment. I think Korbin loved her holding him.
He would giggle every time she would smile at him. I just adore the love that these two share. When you see the way they look at each other it just melts your heart. It is such a sweet love. While I sit here and write this my heart is just focused on how blessed we are. Even though our sweet baby is sick God has overall given us healthy children . In this week I came in contact with a family that has a 7 week old son that hasn't left the hospital since the day he was born. He had an enlarged heart at birth and was put on the transplant list. On Wednesday I became friends with this family on FB and they were still waiting on a heart for baby Andrew. Thursday afternoon the family announced on their FB page that Andrew was getting a heart !PLT! Thursday night we were were at Vandy ER with Korbin with his RSV ( that is where Andrew is also). While we were sitting there in the ER a few floors up the doctors were putting in Andrew's new heart. I just thought the whole time we were in there about how blessed we were to have such healthy children ! That could easily have been us wondering if our baby was going to receive a heart. God is so amazing to me and I can see him doing a great work in our life.
I know that sometimes I am feeling sorry for myself for the things that we go through but they are so small. The situations we go through are just to make us stronger and to teach us to look to Him instead of doing what we think is best.
* If you would like to read more about Andrew's story you read about it here

You can also watch a video here

We will go back to the doctor on Monday for them to check to see if his breathing is any better. Thank you all so much for all the prayers we really appreciate each one of them.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Visit to the ER

After visiting the doctor yesterday afternoon Korbin started feeling worse. We decided it would be best if we went ahead and called the doctor on call. ( and it just so happened to be our doctor) he told us to head on in to the ER. So we dropped Addy off at her Aunt Paula's and headed to Vandy. (Addy was so excited about going she said "bye mom this is so fantastic and I will tell you all about it ok?" )

We arrived to a crowded ER, but they got us in pretty quick. They hooked
him up to the monitors and listened
to him and immediately called the respiratory therapist. They therapist cleaned out his chest and did a breathing treatment on him.They continued to monitor him for a couple of hours and decided he would be ok to go home and follow up with his pediatrician tomorrow. He was such a trooper through all of it.
We got home around 3:00 am and slept for a few hours and had to be back at the doctor at 10:45 am. When we got to the doctor he was back to about the same as he was the night before. They did a treatment on him in the office and also sent home home with a nebulizer for at home treatments every 4 hours. We are praying that the treatments help him to get better and not have to return to the ER. Hopefully he will rest good tonight.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Back to The Doctor...

But this time it wasn't for reflux. I know it's really hard to believe! But our sweet boy has RSV. Hopefully it wont get any worse because that means breathing treatments. Ugh. I will
Report back to our doctor (who by the way is the best dr ever) tomorrow and then we will go from there. Hopefully it won't go any farther than this. Praying that he will get well quickly!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back to the Specialist

So Korbin was having about week and a half that was really rough. He was spitting up really bad through his nose and mouth and most of the day was spent screaming. I took him to his pediatrician and he checked him to make sure there was nothing causing him pain like an ear infection,hernia, or red throat but found nothing so he sent him back to GI. Well after I finally got in touch with them they got him in to see the dr a whole lot sooner. (receptionist said first appt available was in May) crazy! Well after seeing her she seems to think that Korbins reflux is starting to peak. ( praying that
Is the case) She was able to up one of his meds but he is totally maxed out on the other. She also had us try some rice cereal in his bottle 1-2 tsp. She seems to think that if we thicken his milk it would cut back on the spit up but if this seemed to make him worse then we were to stop immediately. I have put it in his bottle a couple of days and have not really seen that much of a difference in his spitting up. Still a lot of spitting up. We will go back in about a month and a half to see how he is doing. These past few months have been quite rough with him. Praying
that he starts to feel better soon!

5 months already!

Here I go again talking about how quickly he is growing up but I just can't help it. It is hard to believe that he is already 5 months old. Here is a few things this little guy has been up to this month.

•Is wearing a 3-6 month
• weighs 12lbs 9 0z
•Loves when his sister talks to him. It usually ends up in a big smile and a laugh.
•Still having quite a few acid reflux issues going back to the specialist soon.
•Trying out a sippy cup and seems to like it.
•Loves to sit in his high chair even though he can't have food yet (crazy old acid reflux)
• Loves to play in the floor
• Does not like for his Mommy to leave his sight.
•Has a smile that will just melt your heart. ( don't believe me just take a look at these pictures)
•Loves going for walks in his stroller.
•Gives his sister lots of kisses. (he just loves her to pieces and I a pretty sure that she loves him back)
•Went to Barnes and Noble for story time with Gavin and the Johnson boys.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Korbin is 4 Months!

Wow I can't beleive that Korbin is already 4 months old! It is crazy how time flies when you have kids : ) He has been up to some really amazing things this past month. He is feeling a whole lot better since we have him regulated on his medicine and taking his special formula. He is turning in to one chunky monkey as Addy says! This month he:

*Learned to roll over and over and over!!
* Is scooting all over the place.
* Learned to pull his sisters hair really hard
* Has two teeth on the bottom!
* His top two teeth are starting to come in.
* Loves to play in the floor with his toys.
* Was introduced to the hard floor and Mommy got him a BIG alphabet padded play mat to fix that problem
* He weighs 13lbs 9 oz.
* He is barely wearing 3-6 months
* He loves to hear paper crinkle
* Is waiting another month to start cereal
* Smiles all the time!!
* Had his first Valentine's day and got a really cool fire truck and an outfit
* Loved watching his sister play with her Valentine Balloons