Tuesday, August 23, 2011

31 Weeks and Counting

We are finally in single digit weeks count down! We are patientley waiting for Korbin to make his arrival. His sister is super excited. Daddy on the other hand is excited but has lots of work to do before he gets here. It is so crazy how  by now when I was pregnant with Addyson the nursery had alreay been done fore weeks. This time we are just taking our time ; )

I wish I would have taken pictures through the whole pregnancy to show the progress. I guess it is never to late to start! Ha!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Reading like Crazy

There has been a lot of reading going on in our house lately! Addyson is crazy about books. We read approximatley 10-15 books a day for her. The majority of those are read close to bed time. She is just crazy in love with reading. Which makes this momma happy! I participated in a get together called the One Stop Shop the other day ( I was selling my Pampered Chef) they had a lady there selling Usborne books. They are the coolest things ever and also very reasonable priced (about the same or cheaper then Target). They have some of the cutest books for all childrens ages. I would definetley recommend these books to anyone.

Addyson is not the only one that has been reading. I started to read "The Help" on my Iphone the other night and have totally fell in love. It takes a lot for me to read a book. It has to really catch my attention and let me tell you this one has. I have NOT seen the movie yet but really am looking forward to comparing the book and the movie. If you are not a reader this book is definetley for you.

Hopefully you will check out both of these. "The Help" is a great book and Usborne Books is a great company to purchase your books! Happy reading and Happy book Shopping : )

Friday, August 19, 2011

Big Girl Status Just In Time For Baby Brother

Let me just say that we definetley have a BIG GIRL on our hands. She is sleeping in her own bed all by herself. The first week she really didn't care to much for sleeping in there by herself but the past three days she has went to sleep on he own in her big girl bed! Ever since she has been in her big girl bed I had noticed that she wasn't wetting her pull up at night. When she woke up she would be completely dry. So I decided to try her in panties when she went to bed. Well guess what? We have not had any accidents for 4 nights! She has for sure earned her big girl status!

For the past week Addyson has been begging for her brother to get here. I keep explaining to her that he still has to grow a little bit longer before he makes his appearance. She is dying to meet him, hold him, kiss him and love all over him. ( I don't blame her I am ready too!!) Last night I brought home some clothes for her and him from a consignment. She was carrying his pants around yelling "Korbin come here so I can put your pants on you!" Is that not hillarious? We are all anxiousley awaiting the arrival of baby Korbin Clay. We can't wait to see his sweet face and love all over him. I know that Addsyon is going to be an excellent big sister. I have decided to put a callendar up in Addy's room to mark off the days till baby Korbin arrives. Hopefully this will help her to be a little more patient : )

Monday, August 8, 2011

Big Girl Bed

Addyson got a big girl bed the other day! She has been super excited about it. We have transitioned really well from the crib to a regular bed. That is definetley a relief. I thought it was going to be really hard for her. She has slept in it every night since she has had it. I have to lay down with her till she falls asleep but that is only for 5 minutes because the second her head hits that pillow she is out. Tonight when I was laying with her she said " Mommy I am ready to sleep by myself." I said ok and kissed her and started to get out of the bed. She sat up and said " No Mommy I don't really think I am ready." I said " Ok just let me know when you are ready." Addyson said " Mommy you are my best friend! We are bestest friends ever!" WOW is that not the sweetest thing ever! Love this girl so much. The only thing that is not working out to well with the big girl bed is the new wake up time. 5:45 am comes really early ; ) Every morning when she wakes up she says " I slept good in my big girl bed!"

Looks like she really enjoys her new bed!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Update of the Past Few Months

It has been forever since I have updated! we have had so much going on lately that this was the last thing that I was thinking about. So to get back to Addyson and what we have been up too. Here it goes : )

 We babysat Daniel. Addyson and him had a blast !
 Addy loves to swing! She would stay outside all day long swinging.
 Nanny Robinson celebrated her birthday.
 Daniel celebrated his 2nd birthday. This is Addy eating a yummy cupcake at his party. 
 She colored eggs for Easter for the first time by herself. She had so much fun and made some really prety eggs.
 We attended the Easter Egg Hunt at Grace MBC. It was so much fun!
 Addyson in her Easter Dress on Sunday morning. This was the only good picture I got of her that day. She was going through  little phase of not wanting her picture taken and smiling with her eyes squinted. I think that we are over that now though : ) Thank goodness!
 Helping Jen at Chick-Fil-A! This is definetley our favorite restaurant !!
 Yum, Yum!

 Addyson eating an icee at the Gallatin Spring Fest.
 Eating her breakfast burrito on our way to church. This has become an every Sunday thing. We love those burritos!
 Alex went to prom with his girlfriend Kelsea. He is all grown up : (
 We attended one of my good friends from highschools wedding. Kristen was so beautiful! Congrats to Dan and Kristen!
 We attended another birthday party : ) It was a beach party for Rebekah. She was turning 3.
 This is Addy eating her cupcake at another birthday party we attended for Allysa and Kayla.
 Oh yeah did I mention that the past few months has been full of her silliness ! She is so funny. She makes Jimmy and I laugh harder than anybody we know!!
 Sumglasses are a must for us this summer !
 She is loving watermelon...
 Addyson and Daniel playing with Samuel's birthday present. Samuel was turning 1 year old.
 Memorial Day weekend was our first time in the pool this year. This is Addyson all ready for the pool.
 She chose not to get in though. She would rather just sit and watch Mommy and Daddy swim... Crazy girl!
 It is in the upper 90's here in TN and she is wanting to wear these boots! She begged us to let her wear them. I just love this picture of her!
Addyson got her first real hair cut! This was the first time that we have really cut her hair. Julie has trimmed her bangs but that was it. She did so good for Mrs. Julie!

Kennedy celebrated her 2nd birthday. It was a super cute cookies and milk party. Her mommy is so creative just love her. Addy and Gavin loved Kennedys piano she got.
Well there you have it folks. That is what the Clark Family has been up too the past few months that I have been MIA. Hope that catches us up a little bit. We have some fun and exciting things that will be happening this summer. Can't wait to share them with you! Looking forward to a much needed visit from Nana, Cheryl, and Uncle Alex. Also finding out if baby Clark is a boy or a girl. Our summer fun has just begun....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gavin is Turning One

On saturday we went to the best birthday party that I have been to in a long time. My cousins son was turning one and she wanted his first birthday to be great! And it was amazing!! Bri and Jennifer are so talented. They are the master minds behind this party. I think that they could make anything look good. All of Bri's family was in so that was so great to be able to spend time with them. We had such a wonderful weekend with them. Here are some pictures from the party. Enjoy!

Landon and Addyson playing at the kids table.
 Our turn at the photo booth.
 Addyson in her Big Sister shirt. I think that she would wear it every day if we would let her.
 Beth and I in the photo booth. Loved getting to see her !
 The cake !

Aren't these just adorable? Such a wonderful idea!

 This signature canvas was made by a good friend of mine, Jenna. She did a great job on it.

 Kennedy and Addyson playing at the kid table. Addyson just adores this sweet girl!
 This is where Addyson spent most of her time. She figured out that if you sit in the photo booth you get a chocolate mustache. Smart girl !

The Birthday boy eating his yummy cake !

Happy Birthday Gavin Brock! So thankful that you are in our lives. We just love you to pieces.