Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two Amazing Babies

Today we went and kept our sweet baby cousin, Gavin Brock. Addyson just adores him. We had such a good time keeping him. She  was such a big helper. He would wimper a bit and Addy would say "Mommy hold him! Pick up!" So Cute. She also tried to teach him to play Patty Cake. She was doing the hand motions for him and everything. Patty Cake is one of her favorite things to do with her Nana right now. She can't get past the "Patty cake, Patty cake" before she burst into laughter! They both were so good, that it makes having two kids at that age feel easy! (Maybe I am just dreaming and exagerating! Ha!) But they were amazingly good and I didn't expect anything less ; ) Here are a few pictures from our day.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Found this while I was blog hopping! I would love to win this to get Jimmy some new summer clothes. He needs them something crazy. For posting this on my blog I get one extra entry. Ha! Not that it will help me win it because I am sure there are hundreds of people entering this giveaway. But oh well you never know

Here is the link where you kind find this great giveaway!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Guess What

Can you guess what we have been doing?

Thats right we have started packing. Oh yeah and that is Addyson's little hand in the bottom left corner helping Mommy and Daddy pack. She is such a big helper.  While Daddy was taping together all our boxes I was taking a few pictures of Addyson. This is one of them. She just loves playing outside so much.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Weekend

This week has been a little crazy. Well when we had the crazy flood last weekend it flooded our crawlspace and our heating and air unit. So instead of sleeping in a hot and sticky house we stayed with Jimmy's parents for a few days until it cooled off this weekend. We enjoyed spending time with them but were so glad to be back at home in our own beds.

I had this Friday off so Mom and Addy and I ran errands all day on Friday. We took Teddy to the vet to get his shots.That was a little crazy.  I have never seen him act the way he acted when we got there. He was literally growling at the dogs that came in the door while we were in the waiting room. Thankfully we got through that trip without anyone being scratched or bit by sweet little Teddy! Ha! We had lunch at a yummy place on the square. Before we went in the restaurant Addyson wanted to go up the steps of the courthouse so she walked up there and sat at the top with her Nana.

On Friday it was Chris' birthday. He turned 15 and is now able to get his permit! Wow it doesn't seem like he should be old enough to do that yet. We tried to teach Addyson to sing Happy Birthday to Chris but instead she walks around saying Happy Chris!

On Sunday we had such a good service at church three were baptized. It was just a good day in the Lord. It was such a good Mothers Day. We got to spend time with my Mom and gave her the gift I had made for her. I took all of the recipes of my Grandmothers and compiled them into a cookbook. Wish I would have got pictures on Mothers Day... just slipped my mind. : )

Monday, May 3, 2010

Flood of 2010

Well after a sleepless night because of Addyson being scared of the storms did not go to bed till 3:30 and we were up at 5:50 Saturday morning to tornado warnings and flood warnings. Whenever it rains the creek next to our house occasionally will overflow and fill our yard. The farthest it has ever been is up to the tree in our front yard. At about 7:00 it was beginning to get closer and closer to our home. We knew then that it was time to get out of there or we would never make it out. We gathered our pictures and our computer (that is loaded with pictures since Jimmy and I have been married) and got out. When we got to the top of the driveway the water was over the top of our stairs and there was rocking chairs, trash and logs floating in our front yard. When we went to leave the roads were closed all around us and were not able to leave our road. We went to some friends house from church and were so thankful for opening up their home to us. About 12:00pm we were able to leave and get to Jimmy's parents house.

Jimmy went back over to the house with his dad to find that the water had only got underneath the house and up over the heating and air unit. So thankful that is all the farther it went. I can't imagine how the people feel that lost their home in this flood. I praise God for watching over us and our home.