Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Library (to us anyway)

So we have been going
To the library in the next town over for a while now. We didn't go very often but when we did we would go to that one. We were not very impressed at all. So the other day I was trying to think of things that we could do every week that didn't cost money ( which meant somewhere close by because gas is out the roof) but was fun. So we decided to go to our local library. We walked in the door and went straight to the children's section. We were greeted by a sweet librarian who immediately welcomes us to the library and asked if we needed any help. As we talked she told us about every thing they had to offer for the kids.

We decided to go to the story time the next morning. Let me just say that I was impressed!! Addyson loved every second of it. The librarian read 2 books to hem and then when she was finished they did a little craft to go along with the books. We had such a great time. So excited to go back this week.
We also decided to try out the music hour also.I will be honest I was not sure what to expect. But let me just say that hour exceeded my expectations majorly !

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

~ To me it's all so clear, everyone of us is here, all because two people fell in love.....~



Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend

We started off the weekend great.
Everyone was feeling well. We spent Friday afternoon with daddy (after he got done mowing) since he didn't have to work because it was Good Friday. Friday night we colored eggs with Nanny and Papa. We had 3 dozen eggs ready to color and I think Addy colored every one of them except for maybe 3 or four. She was really into the egg coloring this year. I was so proud of her with how well she knew the real meaning of Easter. I love that she is already learning the real meanings and not just the fun aspects of holidays. Her telling the real stories just melt my heart and really truly has me looking deeper into the real meanings ! Love this sweet girl.

Korbin with his new truck

Saturday afternoon we headed to meet Nanny and Papa for dinner and Addy started to feel under the weather. We took her to a clinic to find that she had strep throat. When the doc showed me her throat it was just blood red and had pockets on it. We came home and rested until Sunday afternoon and made it to Nanny and Papa's for Easter lunch. She still wasn't feeling up to par but she hunted a few eggs and then decided that Papa and Daddy could find the rest of the eggs. We had a great dinner thanks to Nanny. Great food and good company. Thankful for the resurrection of our Savior. So thankful that He is alive and lives in my soul!
Poppy and Addy after the egg hunt...
Our Easter arrangement thanks to Pinterest!

** picture of the sweet girl and boy will be up next week due to the illness : )

Monday, April 2, 2012

Check Up...

We went back to the doctor today with Korbin to check his breathing. After sitting in the waiting room watching my sweet girl befriend every kid that walked in the door ( by the way it was way crowded) we were finally taken back to a room. They checked his breathing and it seemed to have improved some since Friday. The doctor did mention that it will take quite a while for him to get completely better. But as the doctor went further with the exam he checked his ears to find that they were both infected. This poor sweet boy is on 4 different meds
right now including the new antibiotic for his ears and also the as needed Tylenol for the fever. He is sleeping peacefully right now and I hope that continues through the night ( not just for him to get better but so this momma can get a few hours of shut eye)I am praying that he is better by the weekend and ready to spend time with family on this holiday weekend.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cleaning Supplies Know How

For as long as I can remember my mom has used either Tide or Gain as her laundry detergent. It was just something we knew we would have to buy when we went grocery shopping. Each time that we would buy it would cost us about $20 something for a big jug at Sam's Club. Even with coupons this was still a high ticket item. I just never thought you could get it any cheaper. Well the other day a friend of mine was telling me all about the Laundry soap she made and how it made a ton of soap and also how cheap it was. When she was telling me about it I was thinking she was crazy there was no way that something you make could clean your clothes as good as store bought laundry soap. Well was I WRONG !!! One afternoon last week I made my own batch and let me tell you I am so in love with this laundry soap. I don't think I will ever go back to buying it! The first load I did was some of my husbands work clothes. It cleaned those clothes BETTER than store bought laundry soap! Yes you heard me right BETTER !!!

I got my recipe from this website

** I made the liquid recipe.

I spent $3.99 cents on the borax, 3.99 on the washing soda, and 2.98 for a bar of Tom's Soap. (you can use any type of bar soap you would like) The borax and the washing soda will last me through quite a few batches but you use the whole bar of soap for the recipe. If you try this out let me know how you like it.

I am also in the process of making an antibacterial cleaner. I will include that in another post soon.