Friday, July 6, 2012

Seeing The Important Things

The past month has just been a worlwind at our house. There has been so many things going on. We have definetley had our highs and our lows this month . We started out the month with our first Youth Retreat as a family of 4, which by the way was amazing to say the least. The Sunday that we left for retreat we were awakened in the middle of the night to Korbin unconsolible screaming. This went on for about 2 hours and there was nothing that was going to make him stop. So we headed to the ER at the children's hospital close by to find that he had an abcess on his bottom. The doctor had said that it was a pretty fresh abcess and wanted to try some oral antibiotics and send him home. We arrived back at the retreat by about 6:00 am Monday morning and headed back to the Pediatrician that afternoon around 4:00 pm. After seeing our regular doc he lanced his abcess and  Korbin felt immediate releif. We went back to the retreat and had such an amazing time with our church family. The Lord was with us through our services and the time spent there was worth every second.
When we got home we immedietley began working on Do Re Mi. Mom had come into town at the beginning of the week and she was in charge of the food so we began to get everything together for that. After a few ton of trips to Sam's and Aldi we were ready to feed the masses for 6 days of breakfast lunch and dinner. About half way into the week Korbin's abcess began to fill up again. So we made a trip back to the Pediatrician's office to have it lanced for the second time. The next day the doc called to see how he was doing and things were bad again. So he sent us straight to the Peds Surgeon to have him take a look at the abcess and decide if it needed to be operated on. One look at it and he knew that he for sure needed to be operated on. It had turned into an abcess fistula which would never go away by lancing. It would have to be operated on. We were then scheduled for surgery for the next day, Friday at 9:00am.
After a pretty restless night sleep we headed to the hospital to arrive by 7:00am.To say that I was nervous was an understatement. I know that they do this every single day but that was my baby that they were about to put under. I knew who was in control of this whole situation and looked to Him for my comfort. Everthing went so smoothly. The surgery only lasted about 30 minutes and the surgeon came to talk to us and told us how amazing the surgery went and gave us Post-op instructions. We were told that it would be about 45 minutes to an hour before he would wake up and we would get to see him. After about 20 minutes they were already calling our name to see our sweet boy. When we arrived to the recovery room he was wide awake holding his bottle of pedialite on his own. The nurse then handed him to us and he gave us a sweet, sweet, smile. After about 20 minutes in recovery he was released to go home. He did amazing! I am so thankful that God was able to comfort us during this time. I know that it was a minor surgery but anytime your baby is being put under it is a big deal. He has been there for us so strongly in these past few weeks.
The Sunday to follow we began our church VBS themed The Firehouse of Faith. Throughout this whole thing I was feeling the Devil on me each step of the way but the Faith that I had through Christ helped me to perservere through the rough times and see the important things that were in front of me. The time spent with our church family at the retreat, working for VBS and seeing lost souls saved through out the week, making some amazing friends through working VBS, and feeling God comforting us through Korbin's surgery was just some of the highs that I have felt this month. I am so thankful for the things that I have experienced in this past month. God has been working in our lives and showing us so many great things. We are so blessed with great family, friends and church.
Youth Retreat 2012

Playing with sidewalk chalk at retreat. Love these sweet kiddos.

Our sweet boy before his surgery.

At home with his sister after his surgery. He was so glad to be back with her. He misses her so bad when she is away !
Working on VBS with her favorite boy Gaving : )
Chillin out at the Youth House after a long night of working on VBS.