Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Tree Decorating

Thanksgiving Day
Dad and Alex in their Chick-fil-a shirts...

Addyson loves wearing my scarf...

Checking out the tree...

I hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful one. Ate lots of great food and spent time with family. We also put our tree up the other day and Addyson has just loved looking at it. I so thought that she was going to rip every ornament off (which I wouldn't put it past her yet, it has only been up two days!) We put the tree up while she was in bed because if she saw us putting the ornaments on it she would think it was ok to touch them and take them off. When she saw it for the first time decorated her mouth fell open and got really excited. She loved it!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Feeling a Little Better...

Addyson is feeling a little better today still running a low grade fever... Hopefully she will start to get better. Want to be fever free for 24 hours before Thanksgiving. Hopefully she will be better by then.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just a Virus

Well Addyson had her first really really high fever. Last night she ran a 103.6 fever all night long. It finally broke this morning when we gave her a bath. We took her to the doctor today and they ran flu and strep tests on her and they were both negative. The doctor says that she just has some type of virus. Thank goodness! Hope that she will be better by Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 16, 2009

14 Months Old

The Chic-fil-a cow AKA Uncl Alex

    My, oh my how time has flown. Addyson is learning and growing like crazy. She is officially not a baby anymore she is a TODDLER...

  • She can say please and thank you..... when she wants too!

  • She now weighs 23 pound

  • She loves her room...she will play in there for ever

  • She has a vivid imagination

  • Calls every animal a dog

  • Knows how to blow her nose on a tissue

  • Smells everything that she touches (just like her mommy)

  • Still only has 2 teeth and really working on getting her two top teeth. They are about to pop through the gum

  • She can point to her eyes, ears, mouth, nose, belly, and hair when you ask her where they are.

  • Has changed from a straw sippy cup to a regular sippy spout

  • Her favorite book is Goodnigt Moon

  • Everyone who comes over she tells the c'mon and waves her hand for them to come in her room.

  • She dressed up for Halloween as a flower and got all kinds of treats

  • Doesn't cry when mommy leaves just when I come back and she realizes I have been gone.

  • Went to see her Uncle Alex be the Chic-Fil-a cow and did not like it one bit.

  • Love to wash her hands over and over and over.

  • Getting sweeter by the minute!

This is just a bit late but you know that life has just been a little bit busy with a 14 month old ; )

Sunday, November 15, 2009

An Imaginary Tea Party

So I just had to write about this tonight! It was the cutest thing ever... Addyson and I went back to her room to play for a little while. Her tea party set was sitting on her table so I sat her up in one of her chairs and I sat in the other one and I acted like I was pouring her tea into her cup. With out me saying anything to her she pick up the cup and and made a sipping noise! I was thinking what an imagination she has, but that was not the end of it. I handed her one of the little cakes and she made a chewing noise. As far as I know Jimmy and I (or anyone else) has never showed her how to do that! She never ceases to amaze me! Wish I had pictures of this moment, but didn't not want to ruin it by getting up to get my camera : ( I just love this sweet baby girl so much : )

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Trip to Springfield

On Saturday Mom, Jessica and I took a trip to Springfield to go to the Antique Barn. I went looking for an old trunk and found just what I was looking for. Jess got a really cute old orange quilt. While at the Antique Barn the people who work there was telling us about a good restaurant right up the street called The Depot. So we headed over there. The food was really good! We all had such a good time... Can't wait for our next trip...