Saturday, July 18, 2009

10 Months Old

Only two more months and our baby girl will be turning ONE! I know, I know, I say this every month, she is growing up way to fast. In this past month she has learned:

  • what the word no means... she is very curious about everything including what is inside the toilet YUCK!
  • After looking to see what is in the toilet she learned to roll down the toilet paper!
  • she can now say 7 words Mama, Daddy, Pa, Papa, Dub (Papa and Nanna's dog), baby, and sis.
  • she has learned to drink out of a straw.
  • she got her very first pair of shoes
  • she went to her very first birthday party for her friend Mackenzi and had a blast
  • she can pull herself up and stand without any help. She hasn't taken a step yet but is very close. ( I think that will be coming very soon in an upcoming post) : )
  • she kisses her baby and then lets mommy kiss the baby too!

This has been an awesome 1o months! Thank you God for every second that we get to spend with our sweet little girl. We are so blessed to have her. You truly are amazing and we don't thank you enough!

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