Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Busy Weekend...

Well we had quite a busy weekend. Lots of fun expected stuff and some that weren't so expected. Friday I didn't have to work. This will just be until March but I am so glad for the fridays that I am able to spend right now with Addyson! So we took a trip to her favorite place. Target, that is where she gets everything, according to her! Including a great snack, chocolate milk and popcorn. Yummy. We don't usually do chocolate milk during the day, just in the morning and at night but I just couldn't resist her sweet face that day.
 Friday day night Addyson and I  went to an elementary school Valentines dance with one of my close friends daughters. This was my first time in a long time to get to go to something like this. Let me just say WOW! It was crazy!
 Here is Addyson doing the Cupid Slide with her Aunt Paula. Oh yeah by the way they had a great DJ!! That just so happened to be the girl that I work with her husband.

 Well after we got done at the dance we headed out to see Addyson's Poppy. He was having some issues with his heart. When we got there I went back there without Addyson but she sent Sophie with me for Poppy to hold so he wouldn't be scared. They ended up keeping him over night. He got to go home to next day. Since then he has been to a follow up doctor and is scheduled for an arteriogram on Monday. Just praying that there is nothing serious going on.

 Saturday night we went to a Valentine dinner at our church aka Miss Casserole Pageant. We had such a good time seeing everyone dressed up in their evening wear : )We especially liked Miss Sausage. I think that we are just a little bit partial ; )
For dessert they had some yummy cupcakes. As you can tell Addyson loved them!!

Well after that big weekend Addyson was worn out!Oh yeah and this is what we did for the super bowl!

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