Saturday, April 18, 2009

7 months old

WOW ! I cannot believe that it has been seven months since I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl ! Time has flown. I am sitting her thinking that in 5 months we will be throwing her a big first birthday bash. I have already started thinking about what the invitations are going to look like who we will invite, what the decorations are going to be and on and on.

Addy has started to learn so many new things over the past months. She has learn how to patty cake and she is so good at it you just mention the word patty cake and she is clapping.She has learned to pick up her puffs off her high chair tray and put them in her mouth. I think that she would eat the whole jar of puffs if we would allow her to. She has also learned how to get out of her swaddler at night. Jimmy and I will go in her room to check on her and she will have her hands folded behind her head! It is the cutest thing. She has also mastered sitting up. She can sit up so good. I love all the new things that she has learned! I can't wait for all the next firsts that are to come.

I am so thankful to have Addyson. God has blessed our family so much. She is a healthy and happy baby. What more could we ask for?

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