Wednesday, August 19, 2009

11 Months Old...

Loving on her baby...

In her new big girl car seat...

Addyson is one month away from being a year old! It just seems unreal to me. Time flys when you are having fun! This is some of the things that we have learned and experienced this month!

  • She has learned a few new words Nana and Nanna, Dace and Sthis (This)

  • She learned to say ba-ba for her bottle.

  • She has learned how to point at what she wants

  • Her two favorite things to eat is watermelon and Mandarin oranges.

  • She loves playing in the bath tub.

  • She got her first ear infection and had to be on antibiotics

  • She loves her Daddy so, so much.

  • She moved into a big girl car seat and loves it!

  • She loves on her babies all the time

  • She will hand you something if you ask for it

  • She cut her first tooth.... FINALLY!

  • She is holding on to everything to walk around the house.

  • She got to visit Mommy's work.

She is such a sweet girl. Stay tuned next month, Addyson turns ONE!

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