Monday, November 16, 2009

14 Months Old

The Chic-fil-a cow AKA Uncl Alex

    My, oh my how time has flown. Addyson is learning and growing like crazy. She is officially not a baby anymore she is a TODDLER...

  • She can say please and thank you..... when she wants too!

  • She now weighs 23 pound

  • She loves her room...she will play in there for ever

  • She has a vivid imagination

  • Calls every animal a dog

  • Knows how to blow her nose on a tissue

  • Smells everything that she touches (just like her mommy)

  • Still only has 2 teeth and really working on getting her two top teeth. They are about to pop through the gum

  • She can point to her eyes, ears, mouth, nose, belly, and hair when you ask her where they are.

  • Has changed from a straw sippy cup to a regular sippy spout

  • Her favorite book is Goodnigt Moon

  • Everyone who comes over she tells the c'mon and waves her hand for them to come in her room.

  • She dressed up for Halloween as a flower and got all kinds of treats

  • Doesn't cry when mommy leaves just when I come back and she realizes I have been gone.

  • Went to see her Uncle Alex be the Chic-Fil-a cow and did not like it one bit.

  • Love to wash her hands over and over and over.

  • Getting sweeter by the minute!

This is just a bit late but you know that life has just been a little bit busy with a 14 month old ; )

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