Wednesday, December 16, 2009

15 Months Old

I can not believe how quickly time is going by. Addyson is growing up to fast! This is what she has been up to this month:

  • Weighs:25 lbs.

  • Is getting to be so much fun to play with. She has such an imagination for such a young age!

  • Takes Mommy/Daddy by the hand into the kitchen to shows us what she wants to eat.

  • She loves to brush her teeth. She goes to the bathroom first thing when she gets up to brush her teeth.

  • Got her H1N1 shot

  • Ran a 104.1 fever for a whole night. The highest fever she has ever had. It scared Mommy and Daddy just a little alot!

  • Met Nana and Pa's new dog, Lilly.

  • Learn to say down when she wants down instead of wiggling all over.

  • Had her first virus. It was awful. ( Mommy and Daddy had it too!, Oh yeah and we gave it to Nanna and Pa... Sorry Pa and Nanna )

  • has been taking ornaments off the tree when she knows she is not suppose to

  • has learned how to open screw on tops

  • Sat on Santa's lap and didn't even cry but snarled her nose up at him : )

  • got a new kitten and named him Teddy

  • is getting cuter and cuter by the minute

  • is attempting to say any word that you tell her

She is very smart and outgoing and sweet... I just can't get enough of this baby girl!

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