Sunday, December 27, 2009


Addyson's messy room after ChristmasOpening her new baby doll that Pa, Nana, and the boys got her.

Riding in her new Cozy Coupe.

She loves to push her babies in her stroller...

Taking video with our new Flip. It takes awesome videos...

Christmas this year was a whole lot different from last year! Addyson was really into the whole opening gifts and excited about what she got. Other than me being sick all Christmas, everything was wonderful. On Christmas Ever we went to Jimmy's parents to have Christmas with his Grandparents and Aunt. We ate a big dinner and opened gifts too. Addyson did a really good job opening her gifts. She had to make sure that every little piece of paper was off the gift before she went on to the next one.

After we had gotten home on Christmas Eve it was time for Jimmy and I to be Santa for the first time! We were so excited about putting her new toys under the tree. Mom and Dad and the boys came over Christmas morning to watch Addyson open her gifts. When she first got up she didn't pay no attention to her gifts, but then she finally saw them and got excited! Mom fixed breakfast for all of us also. When I woke up Christmas morning I was running a high fever so after Addyson had finished opening her gifts I went and rested so I would feel better for the rest of the day! Later on that day we went to Mom's to eat finger foods and open gifts. Addyson loved her new Cozy Coupe, that Nana and Pa and the Boys got her! After we got done opening gifts the boys all went to see Sherlock Holmes, while me mom and Addyson stayed back home and rested! All and all our Christmas was really good. Wish that I would have got a whole lot more pictures than what I did, but just did not feel very good at all. Hopefully next year all this sickness will stay away!

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