Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Addyson at 16 Months

    I can't believe that she is already 16 months old. She is almost half way to 2! She is learning new words and new things every second. I am amazed by how much she knows. She is such a smart girl.

  • Learned to open doors

  • is a little bit frustrated because she is very smart and wants to do things on her own. Very independent, we are trying to figure out where she gets that from. ; )

  • New words: Please, Thank you, Hi Teddy, Sit (that is what she tells the dogs) Jaden, go, Hello, Potty, Breakfast, Myla, and many more that I have forgot to write down!

  • Loves wafer cookies so much that she comes and gets mommy and daddy by the hand and takes us in the kitchen and points to the cabinet they are in.

  • Had her second Christmas and loved opening all of her gifts. She had to make sure every last bit of paper was off of the gift before going on to the next one.

  • She learned how to pray. It is the cutest thing. She has to hold Mommy and Daddy's hands while she does it.

  • Learned how to sword fight from her friend Jaden.

  • We got rid of the paci...

  • Discovered that her frenum ( also known as the peice of gum that attatches above your upper lip) is very low and she will more than likely have to have surgery.

  • Is learning how to sing Deep and Wide
  • Dances and you can't help laugh because it is so adorable.
  • She has 6 teeth now: 4 on the bottom and 2 on the top
  • Spent her New Years Eve sleeping while her friend Daniel was up partying.
  • You have to have a pillow in your bed to go to sleep at night.
  • In the mornings you hand me your blanket and pillow before you get out of the bed
  • She loves to sit on the potty

Hope you enjoy the video of Addyson dancing!

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