Tuesday, April 20, 2010

19 Months Old

Wow has she really grown up in the past month! Addyson is amazing us every day:

  • Weighed 28 pounds and 32 inches tall at the doctor this month.
  • Went to her good friend Daniels 1st birthday party
  • Loves her cat Teddy so much... talks about him non stop
  • She loves to help Daddy feed Teddy.
  • Enjoys watching anything that has to do with Veggie Tales
  • Can say so many words that I cannot even begin to tell you!
  • Loves to ride in her stroller while mommy walks at the park.
  • Went on an Easter egg hunt for the first time and loved it so much that we had to re- hide the eggs so she could hunt them again. She hunted them 4 times!
  • Helped Mommy babysit her favorite baby cousin Gavin!
  • Loves loves loves the outside so much... I think she would stay out there all day long if we let her.
  • Went to her first softball game to see Kam play

This month has been full! I can't even remember everything that we have done. Hopefully next month I will keep up a little better and take more pictures. We have been crazy busy lots of new and very different things are going on in our life right now. Learning how to lean on Jesus like we should.  Learning not to be selfish and let God lead knowing it is all to honor and glorify Him.

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