Friday, March 19, 2010

18 Months Old

Time has flown by so quick! Addyson is already a year and a half old. It seems like we just had her first birthday party   she was just born. Our sweet baby girl has been growing like crazy this month.

  • She can now wear 24 month clothes
  • She loves her baby dolls so much. She rocks them and says shhh,shhhh,shhhh to make them go night night!
  • She is crazy in love with her Uncles.... and I think that they are in love with her.
  • She is repeating everything (and I mean everything) we say.
  • She says so many words now that I can't even keep track of them all.
  • She learned to sing "Deep and Wide"
  • She can spell her name A-D-D-Y.
  • Her favorite foods right now are any kind of fruit and oatmeal especially apple cinnamon oatmeal!
  • She got to meet her new cousin baby Gavin for the first time!
  • She went and visited her Papa at his work and saw the big firetrucks.
  • We went to the park and she wasn't to sure about all the sand getting in her shoes or the grass on her hands when she fell down.
  • She loves milk alot!
  • She loves going to Chick-fil-a on kids night to see the cow. She loves the cow so much she let him hold her. We were completely shocked!
  • She loves wearing her sunglasses.
Our baby girl is growing so fast. She is learning new things everyday. It is so crazy how time flies. She will be turning 2 before we know it!

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