Saturday, August 21, 2010

23 Months

Only one month till the big day. Addyson will be 2 years old. My how time flies. My daughter is becoming quite the comedian these days! Just wait till you see what she has been up to this month.

  • She has fell in love with the book Goodnight Moon. She can repeat all the words on every page.
  • She has been going to bed in her own bed instead of mommy or daddy rocking her every night for 3 weeks now.
  • She has been  going on the potty, but after two day of doing so good she decides that she likes diapers again.
  • While at church on Sunday she yelled out to our pastor when he got a little bit louder than she thought that he should be " Binion hush your mo..." she was not able to get the whole thing out before her Nanny put her hand over her mouth. So funny, but a little embarrassing : )
  • She loves to say " I like it so good!"
  • She told us at dinner one night "God is so great!"
  • She is loving Twizzlers WAY to much! Oh yeah and mints too.
  • She likes for me to put piggy tails in her hair and leaves them in.
  • She is such a good little swimmer!
  • Every now and then she will ask to lay on the couch by daddy to go night night instead of laying in her bed. So sweet!
  • She loves when I take her picture. She just smiles so big for me.
  • Went to Nanny's every day for a week cause mommy had to work.
  • Went to her Great Aunt Helen's 60th birthday party
  • Loves to help mommy cook.
  • Got a package from Nana and Pa in the mail. She was so excited!!

I think that I could go on and on about all the things that you are saying and doing now. You are just growing like crazy. Next month we will be celebrating your 2nd birthday. So thankful to have been blessed with this time with you. You are such a sweet and amazingly smart baby girl.

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