Sunday, August 1, 2010

Big Girl Stuff

So we are on night three of Addyson going to sleep on her own in her bed! She cried the first night what seemed like an eternity but tonight she only cried for a few seconds when I put her in there and then stopped as soon as I walked out the door. You do not know how long I have been saying that we were going to begin this process and just haven't done it with everything that has been going on. So glad that it is going pretty smoothly. We keep telling her what a big girl it is to go to bed on your own. It 's a big deal for her because all of her life we have rocked her until now. It is sad in a way but it is way over due for her learning on her own.

On another note. I totally have abandoned my consignment items this year. It is one day away from drop off and I have not tagged one item. Or for that matter I have not even got the totes out of the closet that contains consignment stuff. So that is where I will be tomorrow night. In the floor of my living room tagging consignment items. YAY!! I really want to just leave it in the closet and just not deal with it, but I cannot do that. There has been so many items that I have got from consignment since before Addy was born and I just cannot pass up going to the Pre-Sale and getting all the good stuff. I get so many compliments on things that I have gotten from consignment. It is a big part of Addy's wardrobe!

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