Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

*Warning* I have only had 3 1/2 hours of sleep. So if things just seem to run together you will know why. Oh how I love Black Friday Sales!

Yesterday afternoon I scanned through all the sale papers mapping out my plan for Black Friday. My list consisted of  first stop Walmart at 12:01am to get a $15 Shop Vac, a $12 Toy Story 3 Jessie (regular $30) and 4 mini choppers $2.97. Next stop was Belk 4:00am to get $19.99 dress boots. I left my house at 10:015pm and arrived at Walmart around 10:30. They had all of the Door Buster items in the middle of the isles on pallets and wrapped in plastic. There was people everywhere. I mapped out where everything was that I was going to get. At 10:45 they started taking off  all the plastic and letting everyone put the things they wanted in their cart. I got the Shop Vac, 4 mini choppers and the Jessie. Did I mention that there were only 6 Jessies in the whole entire store?? The man in front of me took 3 and the other lady took 1 leaving only 2 Jessies when it was "my turn" ( if "my turn" is what you want to call people grabbing things uncontrollable) That was the most important thing that I came for and it was a close one but we got her! 

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