Friday, August 19, 2011

Big Girl Status Just In Time For Baby Brother

Let me just say that we definetley have a BIG GIRL on our hands. She is sleeping in her own bed all by herself. The first week she really didn't care to much for sleeping in there by herself but the past three days she has went to sleep on he own in her big girl bed! Ever since she has been in her big girl bed I had noticed that she wasn't wetting her pull up at night. When she woke up she would be completely dry. So I decided to try her in panties when she went to bed. Well guess what? We have not had any accidents for 4 nights! She has for sure earned her big girl status!

For the past week Addyson has been begging for her brother to get here. I keep explaining to her that he still has to grow a little bit longer before he makes his appearance. She is dying to meet him, hold him, kiss him and love all over him. ( I don't blame her I am ready too!!) Last night I brought home some clothes for her and him from a consignment. She was carrying his pants around yelling "Korbin come here so I can put your pants on you!" Is that not hillarious? We are all anxiousley awaiting the arrival of baby Korbin Clay. We can't wait to see his sweet face and love all over him. I know that Addsyon is going to be an excellent big sister. I have decided to put a callendar up in Addy's room to mark off the days till baby Korbin arrives. Hopefully this will help her to be a little more patient : )

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