Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Family Get Together and Full Time

** It has taken me a week to do this post. With me going full time for a short period of time my life has been turned upside down. Trying to learn how to manage things while working .

My parents came in from Alaska last week to see us and to do some errands around TN. Uncle Adam came to see Nana and Pa too while they were here. Addyson was so excited to see them. She got to spend every waking moment with them while they were here cause mommy had to start work full time the week they arrived. Just for a short period of time. I am taking someones place for maternity leave. She just had a sweet baby girl on the 8th of January.
Jaya Grace 7lbs. 8 oz. 18 1/2 inches
Addyson just loved her Pa and Nana being here. She was a little disappointed that Uncle Alex and Uncle Chris didn't come with them. She asked me where Chris and Alex were and I told her they were in AK and her response was "I don't like that!"  Wished they were able to come with them but they had things they needed to tend to while mom and dad were gone.

On the weekend my Uncle and Aunt and their daughter Morgan came to Tennessee to visit for the weekend. They live in Virginia so they have only been able to see Addyson a few times since she was born.  Morgan was so excited to see Addyson. She spent the night with us and Addyson pulled her around the whole night and Morgan did everything she wanted her to do. They had a great time.

Mom and dad were suppose to leave out on Tuesday afternoon but their flight got delayed till Wednesday at 12:45. So when they came back Addyson was super excited.  It was so great to see our family that we don't get to see very often. So glad that we got another chance to be together. Looking forward to the next time we can see all of them.

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