Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our Trip to the Specialist ( For my memory)

*This post is for me to remember what had happened.

Korbin has been diagnosed with severe acid reflux and a milk allergy. We have been to the doctor almost every week since he has been born trying to figure out what medicines help him with the acid reflux and what to do about the milk allergy. When he was about 2 weeks old the doctor put him on Zantac. It helped him for a short period of time then the next week we were back at the doctor. They decided it would be best if they put me on a dairy free diet to get all of the dairy out of my system to see if he was allergic. They also decided to change from the Zantac to a Prevacid pill that I have to dissolve in water and draw up in a syringe to give to him. By the way he is a really good medicine taker! So we tried that for a couple of weeks and he seemed to be feeling somewhat better. We went on our trip to Alaska for two weeks  and had an excellent time by the way. When we came back Korbin was scheduled to see the doctor on that Wednesday. When they weighed him that day he only weighed in at 9 pounds 15 ounces and his acid reflux was still not under control. The doctor thought it would be best if we saw the specialist at Vanderbilt. So that Thursday we were scheduled to see the specialist.

When we arrived to the specialist's office there was a code yellow going on ( a tornado warning). So they did not allow us to go into the waiting room because of all the big windows. They went ahead and took us back to a room. The nurses there were all so nice. Our nurse went ahead and weighed him  and the scale said 7 pounds 6 ounces. She decided to weigh him again just to make sure that was right. Keep in mind the day before he weighed 9 pounds 15 ounces. So we waited for the doctor to come. I was so nervous after seeing his weight. The doctor came in and immedietley started to talk to me about what had gone on with Korbin since he was born. I started at the begining which was the day we brought him home (he started screaming bloody murder the DAY we brought him home). After we had finished talking she said that she thought it would be best if we admitted him in the hospital to get his weight up. I cried , the doctor cried with me but I totally agreed with her (if  7 lbs 6 oz was his real weight). I waited in the lobby while they got Korbin a room ready. So I called Jimmy to let him know what the plan was at that moment. While I was sitting there I decided that I should call my pediatrician and let them know that their scale might be a little off ( almost 3 lbs. to be exact!) The nurse said she would definetly let the doctor know. A few minutes after I had hung up from her my phone rang again and it was the doctors office. The nurse said the doctor wanted to talk to the specialist because he didn't think that Korbin was the weight that they had got that day and didn't think he needed to be admited . He wanted her to look at the growth chart to see that he has been progressing and wanted the nurse to recheck his weight  on scales on another floor. While all this is going on I just felt so confused and just wanted the best for my baby. If he really weighed 7 lbs 6 oz he needed to be admitted for sure but if not then he didn't need that drastic care. So the sweet nurse took us down to the floor below to check his weight. Sure enough he weighed around 10 lbs every time she weighed him!  Praise the Lord. I was so thankful. Let me tell you that things could have been a whole lot worse then this, but when all this was going on I was feeling nervous, scared, upset not knowing what was to come.

So instead of being admitted they sent me home with some special formula that is made up of Amino acids No milk No soy and No gluten that I have to mix with breast milk. They also put him back on the Zantac also. So he is taking a half of the Previcid 2x a day and 1.5ml of the Zantac 2x per day. Korbin saw the pediatrician yesterday and had gained 1 pound 3 ounces in a week! I was so glad that he had gained. The doctor was jumping up and down when he saw that we had a good jump in his weight. So they decided that he needed to stay on this regimen until we go back at his four month check up.

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