Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sweet Sibling Love

1 Peter 4:8 Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

These two have such a sweet love. I can't even begin to explain the way their love is. The other day Korbin was getting told "no" for the first time and I thought Addyson was going to break out in tears. She was so upset that her brother was being told not to do something. She said "Mommy don't tell him no he is just a baby." I explained to her that Korbin needs to start hearing "no" so he can learn the meaning just like we did to her when she was a baby. She still was not to happy about the whole situation. I have been thinking about this all week and isn't that just like God he will tell us "no" because he loves us just like our parents telling us "no." As our Heavenly father He knows whats best for us in our lives. If we would just listen to Him our life would be in the center of His will, right where it is suppose to be! I needed this lesson so bad this week.

I think Addyson would rather it be her being told "no" then Korbin!! Now that is a great big sister if you ask me : ) I hope that these two have a love like this for as long as they are alive.
I know that one day I will be hearing her say Mom he won't get out of my room, he's touching me, and he is not sharing... But for now I am going to just enjoy the moment of this sweet love these two have.

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