Sunday, September 20, 2009

Addyson at 12 Months

Addyson has had a busy month of learning:

  • She learned to tell you that she wanted you with her hand

  • She learned to say dog

  • She learned to say Chris and Alec AKA Alex

  • She got rid of her bottles and started to drink out of a sippy cup all the time.

  • She started to drink whole milk

  • She ate Ice cream for the first time

  • She ate cake for the first time

  • She ate a dougnut for the first time

  • She got a new chair that she loves to sit in and watch football with her daddy

  • She learned to raise her hands in the air when her daddy said TOUCHDOWN

  • She learned to keep a plate on the table, but also learned to throw food in the floor.

  • Started to like to watch t.v especially Handy Manny and Word World

  • She is loving her Daddy so so much. That is all she talks about all day long.

  • She loves taking baths very much.

  • She learned to walk with her push toy down the hall way and all through the kitchen

  • She still only has two teeth!

  • She took her first two steps...

  • She still needs a little bit more confidence to start walking. She sits down every time you let go.

  • She is getting sweeter everyday.

Wow what a month! I am sure next month will be just as big. Hopefully next month we can say she is walking. But o' well just take your time sweet baby girl.

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