Tuesday, February 16, 2010


*** Sorry this post is so late!! Was without my camera for a couple of days! ( it was miserable with out, didn't know what I was going to do!!!)
Well this year we did Valentines cards for the first time for a church party. When I was filling out all of her cards and making cupcakes for the party I was thinking about how that is  not the last time that I will be spending the day making cupcakes and filling out cards for one of her parties.The party was called Love Thy Neighbor party. It was so cute. They got to decorate little mailboxes to put their Valentines cards in. They also played games and ate some really cute and yummy snacks. Oh yeah and there was also a really cute puppet show too! Addy loved the puppet show. It really caught her attention (which does not happen very often) If you want to see more on the Love Thy Neighbor Party head on over to our friends blog!

On Friday Mom, Addy, and I went shopping. We went to World Market and found the cutest heart shaped pasta. (and by the way they also have the cutest Easter decorations there) Friday night we went out to mom and dads for a little Valentine party with a few friends. Mom and I made homemade Fettucine Alfredo with the cute heart shaped pasta. It was  yummy. We even decorated for the party. ha! We all had such a good time. Oh yeah I totally forgot we also set up the chocolate fountain... How could I forget that !
Addyson's first Valentines...

Tonight we went out for a little while and took our Valentine with us... Addyson. She let me pull up her hair in a pony tail and she left it the whole night. I was so proud of her. She took it out whenever we got back in the car. Well I hope that everyone has a good Valentines Day!
Addy with her hair pulled up! Can't believe that she left it in for that long! Hopefully that means more ponytails in our future!

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