Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is it really true that she will be 2 ?

It is not true I just know it can't be. We are just two months away from Addyson's second birthday. Time has no respect for us Mothers. We just want our babies to stay little forever, but that is not how it was intended. She is becoming such an amazing girl. Soon she will not a baby anymore, she will be a toddler. She is definetley out of most of the baby stages. ( Except for the dreadful potty training that she loves one day and refuses the next.) But I love the things that she does that are grown up like carry on a conversation with me and helping me clean ( she says I want to play clean up Mommy. Oh how I wish that I was just playing clean up) and picking up her toys when she is done saying words that I never imagined an almost two year old could say and swimming across the whole pool all by herself  jumping in and going under coming up laughing. These are the things that I love about her growing up. Oh how I miss the rocking and the late night feedings when it is just her and I. She knows so much more than I could imagine that she could know at this age. She is such a smart girl.

22 Months Old
  • She says that Taco Bell is her favorite place to eat
  • She can count to 5
  • We moved into our new house which was a little bit of a crazy transisition
  • She can swim so much better than I could ever imagine
  • She can go down the slid all by herself
  • She loves to pick the garden in the evening
  • She has started giving some of the best kisses ever
  • She loves her daddy so much. When you ask her who she loves she says Daddy and when you ask her who's girl she is she says Daddy
  • She went to VBS for the first time and was not to sure about it
  • She has played with her friend Avie a whole lot
  • We went and visited Nanny and Poppy at camp. She rode the jet ski for the first time while we were there and loved it !

    Eating ice at camp... this will keep her occupied for hours.
    Getting ready to go swimming at the Dale Hollow Lake.
    Jaden and Addyson on the 4th
    Sitting in her freshly painted pink room!
    Eating watermelon with Avie on the front porch.
    Addyson with her favorite boy ! She loves Gavin so much.

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