Monday, April 2, 2012

Check Up...

We went back to the doctor today with Korbin to check his breathing. After sitting in the waiting room watching my sweet girl befriend every kid that walked in the door ( by the way it was way crowded) we were finally taken back to a room. They checked his breathing and it seemed to have improved some since Friday. The doctor did mention that it will take quite a while for him to get completely better. But as the doctor went further with the exam he checked his ears to find that they were both infected. This poor sweet boy is on 4 different meds
right now including the new antibiotic for his ears and also the as needed Tylenol for the fever. He is sleeping peacefully right now and I hope that continues through the night ( not just for him to get better but so this momma can get a few hours of shut eye)I am praying that he is better by the weekend and ready to spend time with family on this holiday weekend.

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