Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To Be That Size Again...

Okay so tonight I have finally came to that realization that I really, really, really need to loose weight!!! Starting tomorrow, because if I drag it out any longer it is going to get worse! Whenever I set my mind to the whole working out thing and I start seeing results I really get down to business. My goal is to loose 30 pounds! ha! That is a big goal I know but it is what has to be done to actually look halfway decent in a bathing suit this summer because we all know I will never look like this again

I mean really this is before my sweet baby girl and before Jimmy and I were married. Ahhh to be that size again! Wish me luck on my weight loss endeavor!! I need all the encouragement I can get.... I really need to stick with this ! Oh yeah I was looking at some weight loss blogs and this is what I found at The Token Fat Girl

"I'm still following the "S" plan (no snacks, sweets or seconds except for days that begin with S or special occasions) and it really has cut out a lot of excess eating."

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Anonymous said...

At least no one called you and asked if you were pregnant. Seriously. After I finished crying, I resigned myself to eating less and working out some. Baby steps right?

You look good as you are, but I know how you feel!