Monday, March 1, 2010

Coupon Crazy

So it is Monday AGAIN... This weekend just has flown by, but we had fun while it lasted. On saturday we went and visited Addyson's Papa at his work.We had visited him one time before but Addyson was really little. She enjoyed it a little more this time then the first time. All the big fire engines with all the buttons to press inside looked like a whole lot of fun to her.

I have been trying extra hard to save us money on our groceries... I have been getting on to all the coupon sites and printing out the coupons that I will need for the week. It is really helping out a lot! Today I got a bunch of new coupons in the mail ( Thanks to Freebies 4 Moms) I also got 6 FREE PAMPERS diapers in the mail with coupons. That  was really exciting. It is like Christmas at my house when I go to the mail box and find all the free samples and coupons. I just love getting free samples and coupons! After getting all those coupons in the mail today and all the coupons yesterday out of the sunday paper it was just very unorganized! Too many coupons.... believe me I am not complaining. So I started looking for something to organize all of the coupons that I have and I came up with this

You can get this off of ebay  for $5.99! I will let you know if it works when I get it which will hopefully be soon. Sometimes whenever I am shopping at the grocery I sometimes forget that I have a coupon for something and pay full price for it. Yuck.  (Which it is not like I have any other distractions... ha!) I am hoping this organizer will keep me from doing that!

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