Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another Pumpkin Patch

I am so behind on things that have been going on. We have been super busy and have had no time for "blogging". But I know that I have to do it cause this is like Addyson's baby book. I don't want to forget the things that we did  or the new words that she said. So on with the post enough of all the excuses of why I haven't posted in forever.

We visited a local farm with Jimmy's parents. They have a bunch of activities for small children. It was such a great trip. Addyson loved it. Her favorite part was the pumpkins of course. She is completely obsessed with pumpkins right now. She carries a small pumpkin around the house with her all day long. It is so cute! Oh yeah and her other favorite part of the trip was getting an icee while we were there. Yum! The drive there and back was beautiful. The leaves had already started to change making the drive even better. So glad that we found this great place.

 This place was super cute.
 It had a petting zoo and pig races.
 Milking the cow.

 Drinking her icee. Yum Yum
Her favorite part. The pumpkins!

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