Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Surgery for Me!

After a month of preparing myself for going under anathesia and the IV, because those two things I dread more than anything, I am NOT having surgery thanks to good ole bronchitis. This is the fifth time this year that I have had bronchitis and I am totally annoyed by this sickness. I was really disappointed that I was not having surgery because preparing yourself mental for something like this is the hardest part and I had reached that point at the begining of the week. Now I have a whole month to sit and think about what could happen and how much the IV is going to hurt. Ha! I know that I am crazy but I can handle all the pain that comes after the surgery but cannot stand the thought of a needle in my hand or bend of my arm or back side of my wrist. I know that sounds pitiful, but I just am really afraid of IV's!

So you ask what kind of surgery am I having? Well about 6 years ago I had a skiing accident and hurt my knee. Ever since then I have had problems with it. They told me at some point I was more than likely going to have surgery. So about 2 months ago a friend of mine dropped by unexpectedly and scared me. When she did I jumped and came down on it the wrong way. I had an MRI and they found that I had torn my meniscus. I am sure that the skiing accident just made the meniscus weak and when I came down on it the wrong way it just torn in half. So I am having surgery to repair my meniscus.

So now until Nov. 22nd I will be preparing myself for my surgery. I will tell my husband a million times how nervous I am and my daughter will hear me and she will say "Nanny, you nervous?" And by Nov. 19 I will be mentally ready for my surgery, because believe me physically I have been ready since my accident. It has not been easy but when your a mommy and a wife and work a job you just have to suck it up and keep on.

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