Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back to the Specialist

So Korbin was having about week and a half that was really rough. He was spitting up really bad through his nose and mouth and most of the day was spent screaming. I took him to his pediatrician and he checked him to make sure there was nothing causing him pain like an ear infection,hernia, or red throat but found nothing so he sent him back to GI. Well after I finally got in touch with them they got him in to see the dr a whole lot sooner. (receptionist said first appt available was in May) crazy! Well after seeing her she seems to think that Korbins reflux is starting to peak. ( praying that
Is the case) She was able to up one of his meds but he is totally maxed out on the other. She also had us try some rice cereal in his bottle 1-2 tsp. She seems to think that if we thicken his milk it would cut back on the spit up but if this seemed to make him worse then we were to stop immediately. I have put it in his bottle a couple of days and have not really seen that much of a difference in his spitting up. Still a lot of spitting up. We will go back in about a month and a half to see how he is doing. These past few months have been quite rough with him. Praying
that he starts to feel better soon!

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