Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Korbin is 4 Months!

Wow I can't beleive that Korbin is already 4 months old! It is crazy how time flies when you have kids : ) He has been up to some really amazing things this past month. He is feeling a whole lot better since we have him regulated on his medicine and taking his special formula. He is turning in to one chunky monkey as Addy says! This month he:

*Learned to roll over and over and over!!
* Is scooting all over the place.
* Learned to pull his sisters hair really hard
* Has two teeth on the bottom!
* His top two teeth are starting to come in.
* Loves to play in the floor with his toys.
* Was introduced to the hard floor and Mommy got him a BIG alphabet padded play mat to fix that problem
* He weighs 13lbs 9 oz.
* He is barely wearing 3-6 months
* He loves to hear paper crinkle
* Is waiting another month to start cereal
* Smiles all the time!!
* Had his first Valentine's day and got a really cool fire truck and an outfit
* Loved watching his sister play with her Valentine Balloons

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