Friday, March 30, 2012

Visit to the ER

After visiting the doctor yesterday afternoon Korbin started feeling worse. We decided it would be best if we went ahead and called the doctor on call. ( and it just so happened to be our doctor) he told us to head on in to the ER. So we dropped Addy off at her Aunt Paula's and headed to Vandy. (Addy was so excited about going she said "bye mom this is so fantastic and I will tell you all about it ok?" )

We arrived to a crowded ER, but they got us in pretty quick. They hooked
him up to the monitors and listened
to him and immediately called the respiratory therapist. They therapist cleaned out his chest and did a breathing treatment on him.They continued to monitor him for a couple of hours and decided he would be ok to go home and follow up with his pediatrician tomorrow. He was such a trooper through all of it.
We got home around 3:00 am and slept for a few hours and had to be back at the doctor at 10:45 am. When we got to the doctor he was back to about the same as he was the night before. They did a treatment on him in the office and also sent home home with a nebulizer for at home treatments every 4 hours. We are praying that the treatments help him to get better and not have to return to the ER. Hopefully he will rest good tonight.

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