Tuesday, March 27, 2012

5 months already!

Here I go again talking about how quickly he is growing up but I just can't help it. It is hard to believe that he is already 5 months old. Here is a few things this little guy has been up to this month.

•Is wearing a 3-6 month
• weighs 12lbs 9 0z
•Loves when his sister talks to him. It usually ends up in a big smile and a laugh.
•Still having quite a few acid reflux issues going back to the specialist soon.
•Trying out a sippy cup and seems to like it.
•Loves to sit in his high chair even though he can't have food yet (crazy old acid reflux)
• Loves to play in the floor
• Does not like for his Mommy to leave his sight.
•Has a smile that will just melt your heart. ( don't believe me just take a look at these pictures)
•Loves going for walks in his stroller.
•Gives his sister lots of kisses. (he just loves her to pieces and I a pretty sure that she loves him back)
•Went to Barnes and Noble for story time with Gavin and the Johnson boys.

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